GPS locator for your stolen MacBook

By | April 15, 2010

If you’ve ever had your MacBook stolen you’ll be very interested in the software. It’s called Undercover. Think of it as a LoJack system for your MacBook. Should your computer get stolen you’ll be able to track it. The software, which is only $50, will send you photos every eight minutes of whomever is using . It will also emulate a fake kernel panic indicating the computer needs to be taken in for service. All this happens by simply logging into the Undercover website and flagging the computer as stolen. It will even triangulate the location of the MacBook using the skyhook wireless technology which is similar to what is in the iPhone.

So now there’s no reason you can’t leave your MacBook running at Starbucks and go use the restroom for 20 minutes. Of course recovering your computer would be quite a drag.

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