Time Machine troubles… oh boy

By | April 22, 2010

So if you’re running 10.6 and are using a Time Capsule you may need to wipe out all your old backups and re-backup. Annoying! But make sure you get on it or when it comes down to recovering your data you may not be able to do so. Read this for more info: support.apple.com/kb/HT4076?viewlocale=en_US


Apple has identified an issue on some Time Capsule systems that could potentially make previous backups unavailable. The Time Capsule Backup Update improves reliability of affected Mac OS X v10.6 systems by creating a new backup.

After installing the Time Capsule Backup Update, you may see this alert prior to your next scheduled Time Machine backup:

Time Machine completed a verification of
your backups. To improve reliability, Time
Machine must create a new backup for you.

Click “Start New Backup” to create a new backup. This will
remove your existing backup history.  This could take
several hours.

Click “Back Up Later” to be reminded tomorrow. Time
Machine won’t perform backups during this time.

Dialog box asking to Start New Backup or Back Up Later

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