Heartbleed password nightmare

By | April 14, 2014

heartbleed-bugI wanted to inform you all about the Heartbleed bug. In a nutshell, it’s bad, real bad. In a nutshell, it could allow an attacker to gain your password on the MAJORITY OF THE WEB. It’s stunning to see the list of all the sites it has affected. What’s this mean for you?


There’s a catch to this. Some sites have not patched the Heartbleed Bug on their servers so changing your password now on a site that hasn’t patched the bug will necessitate a password change when they have it fixed. You’ll need to either be notified by them via email or check their status pages to see if it’s been fixed. Here is the list of websites that have corrected the bug. You SHOULD change your password ASAP. In order to change your password, you must login to each website and find their password change area. Since no website is the same this will take some time. It’s a real drag.

If you don’t already have a PASSWORD MANAGER, then now is the time to get one. I recommend 1Password (which is not affected in any way by the Heartbleed bug). It’s 50% off right now.

Here’s another article to read from CNET that answers a lot of questions you may have.

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