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Digital World Upgrayedds

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for quite a while. Here are some recommendations of some really cool STUFF for your digital world. Mavericks 10.9.2 Apple’s new operating system (10.9 Mavericks) has been out for a a few months now and with the latest POINT release (10.9.2), they’ve finally fixed some serious GMAIL issues… Read More »

Menulet Management

If you have a lot of icons at the top of your menu bar and it has become confusing for you, check out this very cool app called Bartender. Currently in beta (but working quite well), Bartender hides menulet icons in it’s own submenu. I’ve put the menulets I rarely use into this Barender drop… Read More »

iPad… Do I need thee?

Everyone asks the question, “do I need it?” No, is the answer. But if you get the chance to use it for five minutes or so you probably won’t be able to live without one. It’s truly a new experience to surf the web with your fingers. If you think the iPhone reacts well to… Read More »

GPS locator for your stolen MacBook

If you’ve ever had your MacBook stolen you’ll be very interested in the software. It’s called Undercover. Think of it as a LoJack system for your MacBook. Should your computer get stolen you’ll be able to track it. The software, which is only $50, will send you photos every eight minutes of whomever is using… Read More »

Snow Leopard upgrade advice

UPDATED: 04-14-10 Now that 10.6.3 is out I advise everyone to update to this… it’s pretty rock solid. ————————————————————————————————— Apple released Snow Leopard last Friday and it’s only a $29 upgrade but do you need it? I have to admit that as of now it’s not a “must have” upgrade if your main computing needs are… Read More »

Is my computer safe during this economic downcline?

Is your computer going through it’s own recession? Is it having a hard time paying memory bills? Is the hard drive getting ready to foreclose on itself? Then maybe it needs some computer stimulus package from MacFAQulty. Don’t let your machine lose it’s way during our nation’s downcline. According to a poll I read (can’t… Read More »

Time Machine advice

Have you noticed Time Machine giving you erroneous error messages? That it failed to backup, but it actually hasn’t? Well, this is not you. It’s a bug that is yet to be fixed as of this writing 10.5.6. If you get it simply go to the time machine icon next to the clock. Then choose… Read More »

OpenDNS for faster web browsing… seriously!

Using DNS numbers from your cable/dsl provider might be slowing you down. Try using the OpenDNS ip addresses for faster resolves. Plus, OpenDNS has free parental control features via their Web site. You have to know how to modify your router but it’s worth it. It’s sped things up on my old trusty 12″ PowerBook… Read More »

iLife 09

Every year or so Apple pushes out a new version of iLife which includes iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iDVD, and Garageband. Simply put It’s a worthwhile upgrade. All the programs are better except iDVD because it hasn’t been updated at all. Apple will probably kill it from the next release claiming people don’t make DVDs anymore.… Read More »