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Digital World Upgrayedds

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for quite a while. Here are some recommendations of some really cool STUFF for your digital world. Mavericks 10.9.2 Apple’s new operating system (10.9 Mavericks) has been out for a a few months now and with the latest POINT release (10.9.2), they’ve finally fixed some serious GMAIL issues… Read More »

OpenDNS for faster web browsing… seriously!

Using DNS numbers from your cable/dsl provider might be slowing you down. Try using the OpenDNS ip addresses for faster resolves. Plus, OpenDNS has free parental control features via their Web site. You have to know how to modify your router but it’s worth it. It’s sped things up on my old trusty 12″ PowerBook… Read More »

Send large files with no fuss

You ever have a file that is much to large to send via e-mail? Of course you have. Well, you can easily send a file as large as 100Mb by using yousendit’s service. Whomever you send it to must register to download the file, but it’s free both ways.

Woot! and MacZot

Woot sells electronics at bargain prices. The cool thing about it is every day there’s something different as they only host one item per day. It could be an air compressor, dvd-vcr combo unit, walkie talkies, computers, etc… And if you like this concept then check out MacZot. They sell Macintosh shareware software. Some of… Read More »