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iStat menus

A great way to reconfigure your menubar clock is to install iStat Menus. This is a free preference pane that gives you quick access to a handy calendar and other os features like the ability to view upload/download speed menulet, hard drive menulet, and a processor graph. My favorite feature is the quick instant calendar… Read More »

Time Machine advice

Have you noticed Time Machine giving you erroneous error messages? That it failed to backup, but it actually hasn’t? Well, this is not you. It’s a bug that is yet to be fixed as of this writing 10.5.6. If you get it simply go to the time machine icon next to the clock. Then choose… Read More »

Fixing File Permissions

You ever have a folder that won’t let you copy anything into it? Or maybe you can read everything in the folder except one file? Well, you can remedy this situation either by using the GET INFO command from the file menu in the Finder or by using Batchmod. It’s a small utility that easily… Read More »

Screen Capture

Most computer losers know they can take a picture of the screen any old time by either using the GRAB program in the Utilities folder or by chording some keys together. So to take a picture of the screen her are your options: 1. Apple+Shift+3 (takes a picture of the entire screen) 2. Apple+Shift+4 (creates… Read More »

Back it up, baby…

It amazes me how many people do not back up their data. It’s a simple process but you have to be committed to doing it like brushing your teeth, or going to the gym. It’s even easier to backup your Mac with Apple’s Backup program that is part of the .MAC support plan. Or you… Read More »

Removing the licensing info from Office 2004

Uggh! Ever have a “friend’s” copy of office on a machine, then you really buy one and want to put the serial number on, but Microosft makes it difficult to change the serial number. Well, one way to do it is to toss the “officepid” file away, but it’s invisible so you gotta find it… Read More »